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Merchandising Toolkit

Most web sites fail to promote products and highlight benefits effectively!

Merchandising is more than listing products on a web page. The most successful etailers use benefit-oriented copy, prominently display product features, and ask for the order in the first view. We offer an array of merchandising tools which incorporate these marketing techniques along with pricing, personalization, and product feature selection flexibility.

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Product display

WE make it easier for them to buy

Customers are more likely to purchase when they have sufficient information to make a decision and a simple way to select available options. Our product page templates provide you with almost unlimited flexibility for showcasing product features and presenting the required ordering information.

  • Alternate enlarged product view
  • Copy blocks with bullet points
  • Callouts and promotional bursts
  • Color and size options
  • Volume pricing grids
  • Personalization
  • Sale pricing and discounting
  • Extended information tabs
  • Product filtering and sorting
  • Rotating Testimonials
  • Gift options
  • Live Chat
  • Wishlists
  • Ratings & Reviews

Product promotion

WE help you create effective onsite advertising.

Product promotion does not have to be restricted to the product page. Our banner control allows you to create rotating advertising for your best-sellers or place mini-ads in the right column of specific pages of your site.

  • Rotating banners
  • Right-column plugs
  • Video/audio integration
  • Up-sells/Cross-sells